Nour Saud



Company: CollegeVine, Cambridge, MA

At CollegeVine I'm working with the marketing team to add new features to their website and blog such as, the college prompts database, which I built from the grounds up and coded a small search engine for.

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Company: DevMob, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Bolt2Go is an on-the-go car renting web application. The projects was split into 3 diffrenet parts:

  1. End-user "Customer" interface - Built with VUE.JS 2.0
  2. Admin panel interface - Built with VUE.JS 2.0
  3. The backend - Built with Python & Django
We used Jira to organize the work between the team and had weekly sprint planning.
We used "Behat" for testing the end-user and admin panel interfaces.
I was also responsible for and testing the end-user interface.

VUE.JS REST API Docker Behat Jira Agile MySQL

Several Reporting tools, Direct feedback apps and dashboards

Company: &beyond sales engineer, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

I built several apps, dashboards and reporting tools which were used to monitor the performance of retail shops.

We worked with a few big clients in the Netherlands and France such as; ING Bank, Rabo Bank, Renault NL, Renault Benelux, Hema, Gamma, JDE, Zuivelhove, Albron, and Plaswijkpark.

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Company: Dubizzle (an OLX company), Dubai, UAE

Dubizzle (an OLX company) is the largest Middle Eastern online classified ads website.

Dealing with emerging markets required deep focus on performance and accessibility to support old devices and slow connections.

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Dubizzle UNO

Company: Dubizzle (an OLX company), Dubai, UAE

UNO, a cross-department effort to rebrand Dubizzle. It defined the grounds for the future of the company's online presence.

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Freelance Projects

International Clients

I have worked with a few different clients around the world and built many websites such as:

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